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Montrose Seeking More Freedom on Golf Cart Rules

Jul 29, 2014

Montrose approved an ordinance in 2012 that allows golf carts to be driven on city streets at night. However, the city recently discovered this ordinance interferes with state law.

Mayor Bobby Reid has received positive feedback from other towns regarding the community aspect of the ordinance.

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"These golf carts have got middle-aged and older people out of their homes at night. Instead of sitting around watching television or messing around with a computer all night, they will ride around town with their golf cart, and they will stop and visit," Reid said.  "It's made this town a lot friendlier."

Reid said the request should be considered because there are no state highways that pass through the town, just a national scenic byway along the Mississippi River.

He said the state has asked Montrose to change its ordinance, but he hopes to speak with state lawmakers to either change the state requirement for night driving or get a waiver.