Montrose Riverfront Inc. Celebrates 5 Years

Montrose, IA – Montrose Riverfront Inc. got its start five years ago. The organization's efforts to improve the community have kept plenty of volunteers busy during that time.

M.R.I. got its start as an off-shoot of the city's visioning process.

Mary Sue Chatfield has been a part of the group since its inception. She says it is hard to believe that the group has been around for five years.

Chatfield says a group of residents had been pushing for the creation of a local volunteer organization prior to the development of M.R.I. She says the group's mission statement is "Preserving the Past, Promoting the President, and Planning for the Future."

M.R.I. has been involved in building rehabilitation and community beautification. The group's next project will be the total restoration of a building near the observation deck, which will be turned into a three-season shelter house.

Chatfield says that while the group's actual membership is low in numbers, when the call goes out for help, there is never a shortage of volunteers.