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Montrose Passes On Federal Money

Montrose, IA – Montrose will not use federal money to pay for improvements to its water system.

Montrose has been working for years to upgrade its water distribution system. One of the biggest issues has been the water color due to older pipes and mains.

Mayor Greg Ruth says it will cost Montrose about $500,000 to connect to the Rathbun Regional Water Association and to add water meters and pits in the town. He says the city will pay for the project, in full, as opposed to using about $330,000 in federal grant money.

Ruth says the archaeological work associated with the federal money was taking too long. He says it is also costing Montrose too much.

Ruth says the original bid for the archaeological work was $10,000. He says the actual cost is in excess of $80,000 with no end in sight.

Ruth says Montrose will have to pay back about $40,000 that has already been spent on engineering work. He says that was money Montrose had to spend, regardless of the use of federal funds.

Ruth says construction will get underway this spring. He expects Rathbun Regional Water Association to also wait until spring to build a new water storage tower near Highway 218.

Ruth says Montrose will eventually replace water lines and mains throughout the town. He says that work will depend on when funding is available.