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Montrose Approves Land Swap

Jan 31, 2013

A land swap could help one Lee County community upgrade its facilities.

Park Ridge Workshop

Montrose owns the land beneath two of the three buildings that make up the former Park Ridge Workshop.

Mayor Bobby Reid says the city has agreed to trade that land to the potential new owner.

In exchange, he says Montrose would receive about 100 square feet of space inside one of the buildings and the land beneath that portion of the building.

Reid says this would allow the city to stop using its run-down maintenance shop.

“Our maintenance shop is about 40 years old,” says Reid.  “It’s made out of wood and it has had sand and salt stored in it for years and it is just in bad shape.  We have just outgrown it and we have a lot more equipment.”

Reid says the city has approved everything associated with the land swap so it will move ahead once the legal process is completed.

He says there has been no public opposition to the plan.