Missouri Continuing Bridge Program

Palmyra, MO – The Missouri Department of Transportation's projected budget woes will not jeopardize the future of the state's bridge reconstruction program.

Engineer Macy Rodenbaugh says the $700-million Safe and Sound Bridge Improvement Program is already funded. He says there will be one change to the program.

Rodenbaugh says MODOT will now do part of the work. He says the original plan called for one contractor to design, build, and finance 802 bridges

Rodenbaugh says the current economic climate means that is no longer a feasible option. He says MODOT will be in charge of repairing for replacing about 250 bridges.

The rest will be done by a consortium of engineers and contractors known as KTU Constructors. The group will have until 2013 to complete more than 550 bridges.

There are 20 bridges in the program from Clark, Knox, Lewis, and Scotland Counties. Three have already been completed.

A total of 121 bridges in Missouri have already been completed through the program. One other project is underway.

Rodenbaugh says a bridge is any structure that spans 20' or more. There are more than 10,000 in Missouri.