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McDonough County Works on Disaster Application

Apr 22, 2013

McDonough County has not been declared a state disaster area but the county is working on it’s application to be declared one.

Dan Kreps is the Emergency Services and Disaster Agency Director for McDonough County.

View from Wigwam Hallow Road just before the bridge on friday 4/19/2013

He says the flood waters make it difficult to see if the damage from the flooding meets the requirements for the county to be declared a disaster area.

"Until some of the waters go down we don't know for sure what kind of damage we might have to bridge structures, roadways, that sort of thing until some of the flooding goes down so we can see what's under the water," Kreps said.

Kreps says the damage must be at least 112,000 dollars for the county to receive state aid.

He says it appears the damage will exceed that limit.