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McDonough County Strip Club Closes

Apr 24, 2014

The closure comes after the owners of Wildlife were sued for violating a state statute.

8115 U.S. Route 136 in McDonough County
Credit Emily Boyer

It prohibits adult entertainment venues from being within 3,000 feet of a property line of a residence.

Assistant States Attorney Justin Bougher said the owners were agreeable to the injunction.

The owners closed before the state’s deadline. Bougher says they will not be subject to any penalty for the two-months that Wildlife was open.

“They were very straight forward they were very upfront," Bougher said. "They asked for the documentation and then to see what our proof would be. Took a look at it and basically said okay this all looks in order. There wasn’t no  petty squabbling. Everything went very smoothly and quickly.”

While open, the strip club created controversy prompting the McDonough County Board to pass an ordinance to regulate future adult entertainment establishments.