March-A-Thon Honors Community Service

Macomb, IL – The Macomb High School Marching Band took several laps around the square to honor those who serve the community.

The annual March-A-Thon started as an event to showcase the band's talent and to raise money. But David Wetmore, Director of Bands, says it took on a special significance this year. "Since 9/11 is such a big deal today, commemorating the tragedy of 9/11, so it's kind of neat that we are able to represent those who protect us," says Wetmore.

To honor those who serve, the event included a celebrity march. Mayor Mick Wisslead, Superintendent Alene Reuschel, and representatives from the Macomb police and fire departments took part in the march.

Wetmore says the planning process for the March-A-Thon began in June. The band started practicing during the first week of August.

The March-A-Thon included a performance of the Star Spangled Banner (which you can listen to by clicking on the audio link). The band also performed songs from its show "The Sun Never Sets."

The last few laps were the "Fantasy March." Any music lover could join the band and play along with an instrument of his/her choice. Those who did not bring an instrument could buy a kazoo during the March-A-Thon from band boosters.

$9,000 was raised during the March-A-Thon. The money will be used to buy new uniforms for band members.