Macomb Schools Enhance Technology Through Grant

Macomb, IL – Macomb schools are getting help from a federal grant program to improve technology across the district.

The Enhancing Education Through Technology, or E2T2 program, will make $295,000 available to the district this year. So far, Superintendent Alene Reuschel says 175 netbook computers have been purchased. They'll be distributed to students and teachers across all grade levels.

Reuschel says the district will also create a new position called a "Technology Integrationist." She says this person's responsibility will be to make sure the schools' technology is working properly so teachers can focus on teaching.

"That takes away from your teaching if you're worrying about if the tech will work," says Reuschel. "By having an integrationist to support you, you know that you can move forward with this innovation, and know that it's going to work because someone is there to help you."

Reuschel says this is the first year E2T2 funds have been made available. She says the district will apply for more money over the next two years; Macomb schools could be eligible for nearly $700,000.

To listen to a conversation with the superintendent about Enhancing Education Through Technology, click play on the audio link above.