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Macomb Police Seek Honor for Squad Cars

Jun 28, 2012

The Macomb Police Department hopes an arresting graphic design will shoot down the competition.

The department entered photos of its new squad cars in an on-line contest by Law and Order Magazine. The winners will be published in the August issue.

Deputy Chief Eric Lenardt said Macomb's car pay tribute to the department's heritage. He said the badges painted on the cars look just like a Macomb police badge and the yellow on the cars matches the yellow in the department's patch.

"It's a special color yellow that nobody else is going to get. That's one of the special things, and everything on it obviously is reflective," Lenardt said.

He said Macomb started using the newly designed squad cars in August 2011.

Lenardt said Macomb is competing against entries from 127 other departments located east of the Mississippi River.