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Macomb Plans to Catch-up on Street Projects

Apr 11, 2012

Macomb hasn't had the money to keep up with needed street work the past few years. Mayor Mike Inman said passage of a half-cent sales tax last year will allow an the city to complete several projects this construction season.

He said,“It'll come out of that, almost without exception, the half-cent sales tax. Folks that voted for that will get to se some of the fruits of their vote come to pass this summer.”

The city will budget $1.25 million for the fiscal year that starts May 1st.

Inman said the council will vote on the project list at next week's meeting. He hopes the request for bids will go out soon so the city can get a number of competitive bids.

Sixth-ward alderman Tim Lobdell said the city should be able to get one or two more street projects out of the budgeted amount. He estimated the list of projects will cost about $1 million.

He said, “We do have a little bit of flexibility if council discussion leads us in a different direction. We might be able to add another street or two.”

Public Works Director Jason Bainter concurred.

He suggested breaking the projects into two bids. The base bid would include Adams from White to Madison, Mechanic from Jackson to Adams, College from Calhoun to Adams, Murray from Edwards to Pearl, Kelly from MacArthur to Lafayette, Yeiser from Randolph to Madison and Candy Lane from Grant to the city limits. He suggested Woodland Lane, Orchard Drive and Krohe Road be packaged as an alternate bid.

Bainter said most of the projects would recycle the pavement and add a 2” layer of asphalt overlay. He said the Candy Lane project would be more involved. He said it would require milling 5” in places.

Mayor Inman said the city is exploring using bonding to pay for additional projects.

He said, “We're talking some some bonding scenarios moving forward in the future. We'll roll out those plans as we get a little more firm detail on that.”