Macomb Might Hold Classes on Holidays

Macomb, IL – The Macomb School Board is reviewing a proposal to hold classes on some holidays, including Veterans' Day.

The plan is being formulated by Superintendent Alene Reuschel. She's concerned that too many people consider Veterans' Day to be just another day off. She says they treat it as a chance to go shopping or see a movie.

Reuschel considers herself an unabashed patriot and says students need to respect and understand the sacrifices made by veterans.

"We're looking at things such as assemblies in all buildings and attending the annual Veterans' Day ceremony in Macomb," says Reuschel. "(Also), if given permission, I'd really like to open up our lunch rooms and invite our veterans to be our guests for lunch and eat with our children."

She says it would be a full day of celebrating and honoring America's veterans.

Reuschel says she's talked to members of the American Legion and the VFW about her plan. She also wants input from the public. Reuschel says she wants to make sure the school district does not disrespect anyone by holding classes on Veterans' Day.

Reuschel intends to present a proposal to the school board during its March meeting. The board could support the change when it approves the 2010-11 school calendar during its meeting in April.

Reuschel is also considering whether to recommend classes be held on Columbus Day.