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Macomb Man Looking Out for Crime

Jul 15, 2013

Wayne Skelton has collected money from newspaper dispensers, delivered pizzas, and worked a number of other jobs that keep him out on the street.

For the past decade, he’s used that time around town to record possible crimes with a video camera attached to the passenger seat of his car.

Skelton said the camera has proven useful in the past.

The camera rig in Skelton's car
Credit Chris Lovingood

“I’ve had two different instances where an officer viewed one of my tapes strictly to investigate an accident,” said Skelton.

Skelton said he started using the camera after an accident involving someone who tailgated his vehicle.

Skelton’s footage is easy to come by because of how often he is on the road.

“I’m on the road daily,” said Skelton. “Some weeks I could probably spend 30 or 40 hours a week on the road.”

The Macomb Police Department said Skelton has reported at least 100 crimes, including assaults, reckless driving, and criminal damage to property.