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Macomb Honors Dr. King

Macomb, IL – About 100 people gathered in Macomb for the annual rally and march in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blacks and whites got together outside the courthouse, where they held hands and formed a large circle for the opening prayer. They then marched from that downtown location to Mount Calvary Church of God in Christ on the city's east side. They carried signs that read "Keep The Dream Alive," "My Character - Not My Skin," and "His Dream - Our Mission." McDonough County NAACP Chapter President Gregg Huston, who helped organize the event, believes Macomb is becoming more unified. He says the local NAACP brought police issues, labor issues, and economic issues to the table during the past year and progress was made. Huston says there was more dialogue with community leaders last year than there has been in a long time.