Looking for Lincoln in Carthage

Carthage, IL – A "Lincoln silhouette" is hiding in one Carthage business.

It's part of a "Looking for Lincoln" promotion held by the Carthage Chamber of Commerce. Retail Committee Chair Susan Starr says the silhouette of the President's head will be hidden in one local business each week, for the next six weeks.

"It's up for the community to look for him," says Starr. "We have about 15 boxes up at different places around town where people can enter where they've spotted him."

Starr says Lincoln won't be sitting in the front window of the business. "You are going to have to enter the business to spot Lincoln," says Starr. "At the end of each week we will draw a name for a chance to win $25 in Carthage Cash."

"It's something that the Chamber is sponsoring hoping to make people aware that we have all of this history in our own town," says Starr. "There is no need to go other places to learn about Lincoln."

Starr says Lincoln made six stops in Carthage. Starr says displays are being put up at each of the locations Lincoln visited. Those include the courthouse, city hall, and the old jail.