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Logo Will Tower over Macomb

Mar 28, 2012

Western Illinois University is known for Sherman Tower and its climbing tower. It might soon be known for a water tower. Talks between WIU and Macomb are ongoing.

Mayor Mike Inman said, “We're hoping to partner with the university on branding the water tower with the university's mascot and logo  That, obviously, will be an agreement between us and them but their intention is to underwrite that.”

The project is part of routine maintenance to repaint the tower inside and out this year.

WIU would pay $4,750 to put a logo on one side. A second logo opposite the first would cost $3,750.

Inman said the city would also talk with WIU about a similar deal next year when the south water tower is scheduled for repainting.    

The cost of the north tower project is $12,000 less than the city had budgeted.

The low bid is $302,000 from Central Tank Coatings  The bid includes the installation of brackets that will move cables to the cell phone antennas on the tower eight inches out from the surface. The brackets will make painting the tower easier next time. .

The city council will vote on the bid next week.