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Local Staff Cuts Due to State Budget Cuts

Macomb, IL – The new Regional Superintendent for Hancock and McDonough Counties has only been in the position for around one month and has already made tough decisions.

John Meixner laid off 16 employees because of the cuts in state funding. "This is a horrible time right now," Meixner says. "I've had to tell a lot of people to change their lives. Their jobs have been lost."

"Everybody has been very understanding that I am just the messenger," says Meixner. "I think they understand where the true problem lies, and it's with our state legislators and our governor trying to work out different revenue streams to keep our programs at the level they should be."

Meixner says those lay offs will in turn impact the children in Hancock and McDonough Counties. "There's a huge challenge right now," says Meixner. "We were prepared for some, but we didn't realize it would be this devastating. We've had some fabulous people we've had to lay off. We are going to lobby with our legislators and see if we can get things changed."

"I love what we do," says Meixner. "There's no doubt that this agency serves the schools and different entities in the two counties and serves the kids. I really enjoy this part of it."

Meixner previously served as the office's Assistant Regional Superintendent. Meixner appointed Eric Bryan to serve as Assistant Regional Superintendent. Bryan is the former principal of the Carthage Elementary school.