Local Communities Look To Upgrade Sewers

Keokuk, IA – Several communities within the Tri State region are looking for grant money to upgrade their sewer systems. Keokuk is applying for a $520,000 state grant to remove and replace the Bank Street Lift Station. Public Works Director Bill Richards says the station is nearly 50 years old and is in need or repairs. He says the city would also use the money to eliminate 3 combined sewer overflows from the Victory Park area. Keokuk's local match would be $100,000 dollars. Fort Madison had hoped to apply for a similar grant to upgrade part of its sewer system, but failed to meet all of the application requirements. City Manager Bill Kelly says the city will work to maintain the system on its own and look elsewhere for grant money.

At the same time, the Hamilton City Council is applying for a $400,000 state grant to reline thousands of feet of its sewer system. Engineer Ed Collins, with McClure Engineering, says portions of Hamilton's current system was built in the 1890's and is starting to deteriorate. If Hamilton recieves the grant, it would have to come up with about $185,000. Collins says the city should find out about the grant by the summer. Hamilton is also looking to repair or replace the sewer line beneath Main Street, from 2nd Street to 3rd Street, by this spring.