The Little Green Shed

Bushnell, IL – Mosaic says renewing is the nature of its business. Now, it's expanding what it does.

Mosaic provides what can be termed meaningful work for the developmentally disabled. For a few years, it's refinished furniture acquired through auctions. That furniture was then sold at the Beth and Friends store.

Now, Mosaic is taking appointments for people to bring in their own furniture for refinishing. Job Coach Bev Serven says the work will be done with environmentally friendly products.

"Everything we use is biodegradable and non-toxic," says Serven. "It will not hurt the septic systems or the clients that apply it."

In addition, the sanding tables have a built-in downdraft device that sucks in sawdust. That helps prevent it from being inhaled by workers.

Serven says green products are more expensive but she believes it's important to use them. "For us, it was a necessity to go with them and we do not regret it at all. More and more people should try to use green products to help the environment," says Serven.

Serven is currently working with four clients. They work 15-20 hours per week.

Mosaic's clients have a new workshop to handle what's expected to be a larger demand for refinishing services. A grand opening was held August 10 at the new location, which is called Little Green Shed. The shop is at 646 West Cole in Bushnell.

Click on the audio button for an audio tour of the new facility.

The workers will also continue to refinish furniture bought at auction. That furniture will still be sold at Beth and Friends at 996 West Cole in Bushnell.

Serven says the work had been done in a couple rooms at the back of Beth and Friends. The new location provides more space.

Serven says she's already receiving calls from people who need work done on furniture. She says Little Green Shed will be open every week from Monday through Wednesday and on Friday. The phone number is (309) 772-8099.