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Limited Hours for Van Buren County Office

Aug 14, 2014

One Van Buren County department is operating on a limited schedule thanks to a lack of available employees.

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The County Treasurer’s office had four full-time employees to start the summer, but it is now down to one with Treasurer Tanya McQuoid recently going on medical leave and two employees resigning.

Due to the shortfall, the office will only be open to the public three days per week starting Monday, Aug. 18.

County Auditor Jon Finney says to make sure there are at least two people in the office each day, three former employees will help out on a limited basis.

All services will be offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays except for the issuance of drivers licenses.

Finney says other county employees will help out on the days when the Treasurer’s Office is not open to the public.

He says this new arrangement could last through the end of the year when a new County Treasurer takes office.  Incumbent Tanya McQuoid was defeated in the June primary.