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Lee County Will Address a Road Issue in Vincennes

Keokuk, IA – Vincennes resident Shawn Case used this week's board meeting to ask the supervisors for help with several local roads.

Case says the county should resume the rocking and grading of a platted road that leads to his home. He says he built his home along the road because the county was maintaining it many years ago.

Case would also like the county to address flooding in Vincennes. He says more ditches and culverts are needed, in particular, to deal with a creek that floods near the intersection of 175th Avenue and 319th Street.

Supervisor Ernie Schiller says the last point needs to be addressed. He says water from that creek comes down a massive hill, after a heavy rain, and stays on the road instead of flowing to a ditch.

Schiller says if that can be improved, it would help drainage throughout Vincennes. He plans to meet with County Engineer Ernie Steffensmeier to come up with a solution.

The Board does not plan to address Case's other concerns. Supervisor Larry Kruse says Lee County does not own the road near Case's house, so it must have been a "good old boy" deal to maintain it in the past.

In other Action

The Lee County Board of Supervisors
- finalized a new fuel contract with Jet Gas Corporation of Houghton, IA.
- approved ten new MH/DD contracts for continued services.
- approved cigarette permits for 8 local businesses.