Lee County Supports Sewer Effort

Lee County, IA – Mooar is a small, unincorporated community located north of Keokuk. The town, which is also known as Powdertown, has about 20 home.

The Lee County Board of Supervisors is supporting Mooar's plan to work with Fairfield-based RUSS (Regional Utility Service System) on a sanitary sewer sytem. RUSS helps rural communities design and secure funding for sanitary sewer systems.

Supervisor Ernie Schiller serves on RUSS' Board of Directors. He says plenty of work must take place in Mooar before any construction could get underway.

"There will be plenty of studies," says Schiller, "income, poverty level, mapping how many people are there and how many hook-ups, what the need are, how big the properties are. So this (step) is just the beginning."

RUSS worked with Argyle on its sanitary sewer. After year of delays, that system is now up and running.

RUSS is also working with Franklin. Schiller says on a progress scale of 1-5, Argyle is at a 5, Franklin is at a 2, and Mooar would be at a 1.

Valley Road
The Lee County Board of Supervisors has agreed to add repairs to Valley Road to the current five year plan. The county is receiving federal funding to help add erosion control devices to the gravel road near Keokuk.

Construction will get underway in the next few weeks. The supervisors also agreed to amend the county's secondary roads budget to include the money for the project.