Lee County Mental Health Community Center Hits Road Block

Keokuk, IA – A proposed mental health community center in Lee County has hit a road block. The Lee County Board of Supervisors has tabled a proposal to develop a facility that would be open 20 hours a week in Fort Madison. The board started accepting proposals for such a center about 8 months ago. Supervisor Bob Woodruff says too much time has passed and the board needs to re-evaluate the county's need for the center. He says the board should wait until March to discuss the center, so the supervisors can focus on crafting the county's budget at the start of the new year. During its meeting, the supervisors hammered many issues surrounding the center: cost, lcoation, format, timeframe, funding. CPC Administrator Jim Posz says the idea of the center is to eliminate isolation and encourage socialization. The board told Posz to go no further than working out any liability issues surrounding such a center.