Lee County Consolidation Talks Continue

Fort Madison, IA – Lee County's budget for next year could include plans to consolidate county government. Creating 1 Lee County seat has been a point of discussion for months, but no major action has been taken by the Board of Supervisors. The board has considered placing a public input question on the November ballot, but it now seems to be leaning away from that idea. Instead, the board now appears to be ready to simply pass a resolution stating its intention to create one county seat, and then work on the logistics of the plan. Chairman George Morgan says the time is right to make a decision, especially with budget talks set to begin this month. Morgan says issues such as where the county offices would be, what staffing levels would be needed, and what the timeline would be would have to be worked out. Vice-Chairman Larry Kruse says the county could save several hundred thousand dollars in operating costs by moving from 2 county seats to 1.