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Lee County Conservation Board Acquires 900 Acres

Montrose, IA – Executive Director Tom Buckley says the Lee County Conservation Board spent the last year trying to secure about 900 acres of land along the Mississippi River. He says the purchase agreement with Ameren UE has now been completed.

Buckley says about 460 acres is next to the Cryotech Plant near Fort Madison. He says the rest is just north of Montrose, near Linger-Longer Park.

All of the land, other than 75 acres, is submerged. Buckley says that makes it a popular site for duck hunters.

Buckley says some hunters have used agreements with Ameren UE to build permanent duck blinds on the water. He says the board only allows temporary blinds in public parks.

The Lee County Conservation Board has held several meetings to gather input on the blinds.

Buckley says the panel has decided to have them removed, for now. He says staff has been told, though, to look into plans for allowing permanent blinds.

Buckley says the property will be surveyed in the next few weeks. He hopes to have all of the parks in Lee County opened by April 1.

Buckley says the property will also allow for expanded boating and water fowl watching opportunities. The site cost about $229,000; all of which came from state grants and local foundation contributions.