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Lee County Challenging Reinstatement

Feb 19, 2013

Lee County is challenging a fired employee’s request to return to his old job.

The Lee County Board of Supervisors

Rick Carter filed a motion in district court to be reinstated as maintenance director with full salary, benefits and seniority.

It came after a jury sided with him in his wrongful termination lawsuit against the county.

Court records show Lee County’s challenge is based primarily on Carter keeping county documents at his home both during and after his employment.

Carter testified that he would make copies of records he felt he needed.

The county says he did not pay for them and that, along with his taking the records home, could have led to his termination.

It says the fact that Carter could have been terminated for these actions means he should not be reinstated as maintenance director.

Lee County is requesting a hearing on its challenge.

Meanwhile, Attorney Steve Ort says he also plans to file motions, on the county’s behalf, asking the judge to rule on the case or to grant a new trial.

Ort did not offer specific reasons for the new trial request following a private, one-hour meeting with the Lee County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.


The Lee County Board of Supervisors has decided to boost the salaries of its members.

The supervisors voted 3-2 to increase their pay by 3% on July 1, 2013.

The county compensation board had recommended 5%.

Chairman Rick Larkin, Vice Chairman Ernie Schiller and Supervisor Ron Fedler supported the 3% raises.

Larkin says the supervisors have accepted no increase in recent years.

“I would hope that people would realize that you do need some salary increases along the way,” says Larkin.

Supervisors Gary Folluo and Matt Pflug opposed the raises.  They questioned the timing with many residents out of work or working for less money.

An effort to cancel the raises was defeated 2-3.

Lee County’s five other elected leaders will also receive three-percent raises in the budget that takes effect July 1, 2013.