Lee County Cancels Flu Clinics

Lee County, IA – The Lee County Health Department has cancelled the rest of its seasonal flu vaccine clinics.

Administrator Julie Schilling says her department does not have enough doses for the final five clinics because its latest shipment of vaccine has been delayed. She says her department received a partial shipment in September, but found out the October shipment would be delayed.

Schilling says it could be another month before more vaccine arrives. She says the delay is caused by the fact that the company producing the seasonal flu vaccine is also making the vaccine for the H1N1 flu.

Schilling says it is ok for someone to receive the seasonal flu vaccine in November, December, or even January. She says that is because the seasonal flu season begins in about January.

Schilling says about 1,300 people have already received the seasonal flu vaccine through Lee County's clinics. She says health care providers in Lee County could still have the vaccine in stock.

Schilling says Lee County's clinics will be rescheduled when seasonal flu vaccine is available.

Cancelled Clinics
Oct. 6 - Twin Oaks Apartments - Denmark, IA
Oct. 7 - Southeastern Community College - Keokuk, IA
Oct. 8 - River Terrace - Keokuk, IA
Oct. 8 - Trinity United Methodist Church - Keokuk, IA
Oct. 17 - River City Mall - Keokuk, IA