Lee County Cabins Remain In Question

Fort Madison, IA – Lee County will look for a new way to oversee recreational cabins along the Mississippi River.

A group of cabin owners is trying to buy the land beneath the cabins, near Fort Madison, from Ameren UE. The utility company is trying to divest itself of riverfront property it no longer needs.

Lee County Attorney Mike Short says a plan to accomplish that by sub-dividing the property is not feasible. The lots are small and there is no electricity, running water, or access by emergency vehicles.

The Lee County Board of Supervisors will ask the Iowa State Association of Counties if any of its members have run into a similar issue involving recreational cabins. Short says some outside guidance could help as drafting a new cabin ordinance would take time.

A new ordinance may not make the land sale any easier.
A new state law requires buildings have an adequate sewer/septic system before land can change hands. These cabins have no such systems and the owners say the terrain makes it impossible to build one.

The Lee County Health Department says the land could only be sold, without sewer/septic systems, if the cabins were gone. The Board of Supervisors plans to discuss the issue again August 4.