Lee County Buying Tower Land

Fort Madison, IA – Lee County will not have to relocate part of its emergency response system.

Iowa Public Television owns a transmission tower along Highway 2. The land where the tower sits was purchased by a firm out of northeast Missouri last year.

Quality Investments Plus wanted IPTV to purchase the property at a much higher price or pay a much higher rent.

Lee County Attorney Mike Short says talks between the two sides reached a point, earlier this year, where it looked like the tower would have to come down. He says that is about the time the county got involved.

Lee County's emergency dispatch equipment is located on the tower. County leaders explored other options for the equipment before deciding the currently location was the best option.

Short says that is why Lee County stepped into the situation and began eminent domain proceedings. He says that effort and recent negotiations have resulted in a deal between Lee County and Quality Investments Plus.

Short says an attorney to Quality Investments Plus contacted him, Tuesday morning, and offered the land at a cost of $7,500/acre. The supervisors accepted the price after a brief closed meeting.

Short says the county will purchase about ten acres of property at that per-acre price. He says Iowa Public Television will continue to own the tower.