Lee County Budget Includes Reduced Tax Rate

Keokuk, IA – The tax rate for city residents is projected to drop about $0.11 while the rural rate will shrink by about one penny. At the same time, spending exceeds revenues by nearly $3,000,000.

Supervisor Larry Kruse says that is because the funding for the jail expansion and renovation was included in a previous budget. He says the county has the ability, this year, to cover the shortfall with reserve funds.

Kruse says that cannot happen every year. He says, "In the future, those reserves are not going to carry us, but for this year, we have the reserves to cover it.

Kruse says staffing levels will remain the same. The maintenance and conservation departments took the biggest hits during the budget process.

Lee County's budget must be certified, by the state, by March 16. A public hearing will take place during the board's March 10 meeting.