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Lee County Breaks Ground On Cabins

Lee County, IA – About twenty people helped turn some dirt to start the construction near the park's current campground. The group included members of the Lee County Board of Supervisors, the Lee County Conservation Board, and the Board of Directors for Geode RC&D.

The future site of the cabins is the size of two football fields. It is surrounded by trees and overlooks one of the five ponds near Wilson Lake.

Conservation Director Tom Buckley says the site was chosen for several reasons.

"We wanted to have the cabins where they overlooked the water," said Buckley, "it would have been ideal to have them overlook the lake but we do have to add a septic system and this site serves that."

Buckley says the contractor will get started with the septic system as soon as weather allows. He says volunteers will also be in the construction process.

Buckley says the goal is to have the first cabin built by June 30. He says each 20' x 24' cabin will be ADA accessible with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen/living room area.

The cabins will be built with logs from southeast Iowa.

Buckley says people are already trying to reserve the cabins. Lee County Supervisor Gary Folluo says he has been told by hunters and fishermen that the cabins will be filled year-round.

The construction of the first two cabins is expected to be about $90,000. Funding sources are still being identified.

Geode RC&D has secured $10,000 for the first cabin. The Lee County Board of Supervisors has yet to set aside money for the construction.

Buckley says the Lee County Conservation Board also wants to upgrade the campground at Wilson Lake as part of the process. He says a shower/restroom will be constructed to encourage long-term camping at the site.