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Lee County Board Remembers Resident

Aug 15, 2014

Not many people regularly attend the weekly meetings of the Lee County Board of Supervisors, so it seemed fitting that the board recognized the passing of one during a recent meeting.

Bob Clemenson, 80, of Montrose passed away in late July. The Lee County Board of Supervisors recognized him during a meeting this month. He regularly attended board meetings for years.
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Bob Clemenson of Montrose would sometimes address the board during the meetings while other times, he just watched with his agenda in hand.

Chairman Ernie Schiller said it was always nice to see Clemenson at the meetings. 

“I just wanted to personally recognize somebody who stepped up from the community to really come and pay attention and listen and really care about the county," Schiller said.

Clemenson told the supervisors on many occasions that they should consider moving county operations to a group of warehouses in Montrose.

That did not happen, but he was quite successful in another endeavor in 2011.

The military veteran convinced the board to add an American flag to its new meeting room in the Lee County Jail and to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of each meeting.  The supervisors continue that to this day.

Clemenson was 80 when he passed away.  His health limited his attendance this year.

Fellow Montrose resident Mary Van Pelt, who formed the County Seat Committee, said she started attending the Board of Supervisors meetings when Clemenson could not attend.