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Lawmakers Close to Ending Legislative Scholarships

May 2, 2012

An Illinois Senate panel is supporting legislation (HB 3810) that would end a perk that lets legislators hand out free tuition at state universities.

The House has voted to get rid of the scandal-plagued program three years running. But previous attempts have been blocked by Senate Democrats -- until now.

Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno said problems with the scholarships are well-documented.

"People handing them out outside the district, to campaign contributors. I mean, there's lots of documentation as to the problems with it," Radogno said.

Republicans have long pushed to eliminate the tuition waivers. Radogno said she's glad enough of her Democratic colleagues finally came around -- although Democrats are still divided on the program.

The measure still has to pass the full Senate, then go back to the House for a final vote.

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