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Knox County Works on Draft Budget

Oct 10, 2013

The Knox County Board is getting ready to issue its draft budget for the next fiscal year.

The Board’s finance committee scheduled its third work session of the year on Thursday to discuss specific budget proposals.

Knox County Treasurer Robin Davis said one of the major issues is the fact that the state has not been meeting its obligations as far as reimbursing the county for services.

Knox County's draft budget is due October 30th.
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"They pick and choose which ones they pay for, and sometimes they may reimburse you and then other times they'll hold out two months and then don't ever go back and pick that back up," Davis said.

She cited the case of Knox's juvenile detention home, for which she said the state owes around five million dollars in differed reimbursement that it has indicated it won't actually fulfill.

Davis said Knox County’s collective bargaining agreements with its workers have not been finalized, so the county does not yet have an exact figure for its personnel costs.

She said the county will have a clearer view of its finances when its draft budget is due at the end of the month.