Keokuk Wants To Block Fence Construction

Keokuk, IA – Keokuk will try to stop the construction of a fence around the Iowa National Guard Armory.

The Iowa National Guard is building a new parking lot and adding a barbed wire to protect equipment and vehicles. The organization needed approval from the Keokuk Board of Adjustment for the projects.

In July, the board approved the projects, as long as the first strand of barbed wire was 8' off the ground. The board cited safety concerns in making its decision.

The Iowa National Guard wanted the barbed wire to start at the 6' mark. A representative of the organization previously said plans would move ahead with the 6' fence, despite the ruling.

Crews are installing the fence posts and have begun stringing the barbed wire. Community Development Director Pam Broomhall says the fence has been measured and it is only 6' to the first strand of barbed wire.

Broomhall says the city will file an injunction. She says the goal is to halt construction.

If the fence is completed before the injunction is filed, a judge could force it to be torn down.