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Keokuk Teacher Facing 3rd Lawsuit

Mar 8, 2013

A Keokuk teacher is now facing a third sexual abuse lawsuit from a second accuser.

This new lawsuit, filed in South Lee County District Court, comes from a 20-year-old female identified only as Jane Doe II.

It names Gina Sisk, who is the subject of two other lawsuits in Henry County District Court.

The 15-page lawsuit also names the Keokuk School District and former Keokuk High School Principal Michelle Lukavsky as defendants.

Eight counts are levied against individual defendants or the trio.

Sisk is specifically accused of assault & batter, sexual abuse of a minor, and lascivious conduct with a minor.

The lawsuit states that Sisk sexually abused Jane Doe II for about two years, starting in 2009.

It also states the district was made aware of the situation when Jane Doe II's father approached Lukavsky about the abuse in May 2009.

The other two lawsuits against Gina Sisk were filed by another female identified as Jane Doe.

One was filed against Sisk as an individual and the other was filed against Sisk and her former employer, the New London School District.

The Keokuk School District placed Sisk on leave in response to the initial lawsuit against her.

School Board President Tyler McGhghy had no comment on the lawsuit.  He did confirm to Tri States Public Radio that Sisk remains on administrative leave.

Jane Doe II is seeking a jury trial.