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Keokuk Teacher Faces 2nd Lawsuit

Feb 8, 2013

A second lawsuit has been filed against a Keokuk teacher over claims of past sexual abuse.

The lawsuit against Gina Sisk was filed in Henry County, IA in late January by a woman identified only as Jane Doe.

Sisk is being accused of assault and battery, tortious infliction of emotional distress, sexual abuse of a minor and lascivious conduct with a minor.

Court records show that Doe, who is 27 years old, was a 14 year old student in the New London School District in the year 2000.

Doe says that is when Sisk, who was a teacher in the New London School District at the time, started abusing her.

Doe says the abuse continued for about six years. 

Court records show Doe started seeing a counselor due to anxiety and depression in March of 2011, which led to the discovery of a “causal link between the sexual abuse she endured as an adolescent, at the hands of… Sisk, and the emotional problems she had been experiencing for many years.”

This lawsuit follows a similar lawsuit filed by Doe, last March, against both Sisk and the New London School District.

Doe’s lawyer has filed a motion to link the first lawsuit to Sisk’s role with the school district and this second lawsuit to Sisk’s role as an individual.

A hearing on whether the original lawsuit will continue is scheduled for later this month.  At issue is the statute of limitations connected to the lawsuit.

Sisk was placed on administrative leave by the Keokuk School District, but a representative of the district could not confirm her current status, citing personnel matters.