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Keokuk Schools Sex Abuse Lawsuit Delayed

Apr 24, 2014

A sex abuse lawsuit against the Keokuk School District is on hold, pending a ruling on a similar lawsuit in Henry County.

The Iowa Supreme Court this month heard oral arguments in the matter of Jane Doe versus the New London School District.

Jane Doe is a pseudonym for a former student who says she was sexually abused by Gina Sisk, a former teacher and coach in the district.

The state’s high court is deciding whether the suit was filed before the statute of limitations expired.

A similar question has been raised in the lawsuit filed against the Keokuk district and former Keokuk High School Principal Michelle Lukavsky, so District Court Judge John Wright has paused the case until the Iowa Supreme Court justices announce their ruling on the New London lawsuit.

The Supreme Court’s current session expires June 30.

In the Keokuk lawsuit, a former student identified as Jane Doe II says she was also abused by Sisk.

Sisk is no longer named as a defendant in either suit.