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Keokuk Schools to Purchase Tablets

Mar 22, 2013

The Keokuk School District is getting ready for a serious technology upgrade.

The school board has agreed to purchase more than 1,150 KUNO tablets.  The cost is not expected to exceed $841,000.

Superintendent Tim Hood says these hand-held devices will be given to every high school and special education student, plus every faculty and staff member in the district.

He says devices will be purchased for elementary and middle school students over the next two years.

Hood says administrators settled on the KUNO tablets, over laptops, because of their security and the fact that they do not require an internet connection.

“If a student misses something like class time,” says Hood, “we can sync it onto their device so they can look at it at home.”

Hood says the district will try to get the tablets in the hands of faculty and staff as soon as possible to allow for training sessions.

He says the students should receive them this fall.