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Keokuk Schools Covering Cuts With Reserves

Keokuk, IA – The Keokuk School District is following the lead of districts across Iowa when it comes to accounting for a cut in state funding. The 10% cut was ordered by Governor Chet Culver (D-IA) to make up for a loss of state revenue.

Business Manager Greg Reynolds says the cut equates to just over $1-million for the Keokuk School District. He says about $85,000 in spending has been slashed from various line items throughout the district.

Reynolds says the cuts were spread out among every building in the Keokuk School Districts. He says the rest of the state funding cut will be covered by the district's reserve account.

Reynolds says that account will have about $3-million after the state funding is removed. He says the district chose the reserve route instead of cutting personnel.

Reynolds says employment contracts cannot be decreased during the year. He says non-union employees would not be impacted because of that.

Reynolds says the only way the district could account for another cut to the current budget is that reserve account. He says some districts in Iowa would have to start borrowing money just to pay the bills.