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Keokuk School Board Reinstates Coach

Keokuk, IA – Mike Davis teaches physical education at Keokuk Middle School and coaches the Keokuk High School girls basketball team. He was placed on paid administrative leave more than six months ago.

The reason was never made public by the Keokuk School District.

The Keokuk School Board held a four-hour, private termination hearing regarding Davis on Wednesday, August 11. Business Manager Greg Reynolds says state code allows for the hearing to not be publicized.

After the hearing, the school board voted to reject Superintendent Lora Wolff's recommendation to fire Davis. The panel did agree to suspend Davis for two weeks without pay.

Five board members voted in favor of the measure: President Sandra Stark, Vice President Tyler McGhghy, Roger Kokemuller, Chris Linder, and Brent Gatton. Mike Steinkruger abstained from the vote and promptly resigned while Alka Khanolkar did not attend the meeting.

When contacted after the meeting, Stark, McGhghy, and Lindner said they would not comment on the suspension vs. termination vote and what Davis was accused of doing.

Business Manager Greg Reynolds says Davis' suspension begins on the first day of school. The move also takes Davis off of paid administrative leave.

Superintendent Lora Wolff issued a statement that said she is not at liberty to speak about any particular staff member's or student's situation. The statement is available below.

Statement from Keokuk Superintendent Lora Wolff

I am not at liberty to speak about any particular staff member's or student's situation.
We take issues that are brought to our attention very seriously.
We apply our Board policies, school rules and other guidelines to each situation.
We also do our best to carefully and methodically investigate each issue whether it be an issue on the playground or a problem on the bus or an issue related to a difference of opinion among people.
We will do so for any and all concerns which are brought to our attention.