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Keokuk Postpones Public Hearing

Feb 3, 2012

The Keokuk City Council needs more information before acting on a rezoning request for a local business.

Saint Louis Gear Company would like to move its operations from Royal Road to the Faith Family Church along Main Street.

President Dan Hodges says his company has outgrown its current plant and he does not want to have to move outside of the city.

“Keokuk is my hometown and I want to continue to try to build jobs in Keokuk,” says Hodges.

The move would require about 5.5 acres of land be rezoned for industrial use.

The city council has voted to postpone a public hearing on the rezoning for two weeks.

The idea is to give aldermen time to meet with Hodges and some of his potential neighbors.

A few of them have objected to the plan.

They say they are not worried about Hodges and Saint Louis Gear Company, but rather what happens if a new owner or business moves into the building.

Hodges says he is open to the idea of adding stipulations to the rezoning as long as the property can support industrial use.

The city’s planning commission says that while it would be OK with a rezoning for industrial use, it would prefer a reclassification of the business or a variance for special use.

Hodges says he will be able to create more jobs with the new location.