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Keokuk Nursing Home Joins Lawsuit

Apr 24, 2012

District Court Judge John Wright has ruled that Lexington Square will be able to intervene in a lawsuit involving the Keokuk Board of Adjustment.

The Board of Adjustment is being sued by 17 individual neighbors of the nursing home over the panel’s decision to allow Lexington Square to expand its facility.

Lexington Square wanted to enter the lawsuit because of the impact the final ruling would have on its operations.  The nursing home is looking to add more private rooms without increasing its bed count.

Wright noted in his ruling that the plaintiffs in the case had no objections to the nursing home being granted intervener status in the lawsuit.

At the same time, the Board of Adjustment was just recently served in regards to the lawsuit, even though the document was filed at the south Lee County Courthouse several months ago.

The court would like to start receiving documents and records pertaining to the board’s decision to allow the expansion by June 11th.  The information could include stipulations placed on the permit or evidence presented in the case.

The city says it will start collecting that information in the very near future.  No building permit has been issued to Lexington Square for the project at this point.

The neighbors object to the expansion because of the potential impact on property value, traffic, and neighborhood character.