Keokuk Musician's Memorial

Keokuk, IA – Music fans are trying to build a memorial Keokuk's Rand Park. The monument would honor those who played the songs they loved for so many years.

Brian Barnes is on the Keokuk Musicians Memorial Committee.

Barnes says the idea for the memorial came, in connection, with the annual Musician's Memorial Jam held by TJ's House of Music. He says supporters wanted something permanent to go along with the jam session.

Barnes says a fundraising concert will take place Sunday, Sept. 20 in Keokuk's Victory Park. He says plenty of bands are scheduled to perform, though more would be appreciated.

Barnes says the memorial is expected to cost about $14,000. It will consist of a granite bench as well as red and black granite bricks.

Barnes says the bricks will list the names and information about the local musicians who have passed away. He says it will be built so it overlooks the new Rand Park Pavilion.

Barnes says donations can be sent to State Central Bank. He says there are also donation jars at local businesses.

The concert is expected to run from 11 A.M. until 11 P.M. A live auction will also be held.