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Keokuk Mayor Wants State Help w/ Pensions

Feb 28, 2013

One southeast Iowa mayor knows how Iowa can spend some of its “extra” money.

Keokuk Mayor Tom Marion

There has been plenty of talk in Des Moines as to what lawmakers should do with a roughly $800-million surplus in the current state budget.

The ideas range from hiring more state troopers to offering refunds to taxpayers.

Keokuk Mayor Tom Marion says the state should help cities address the rising costs associated with employee pensions.

“If you take $20-million, $30-million or $40-million, that is somewhat of a drop in the bucket to put into police and fire pensions,” says Marion.

Keokuk’s contribution to police and fire pensions will increase by more than $75,000 in next year’s budget.

Marion says the city must cover required increases because employee contributions are capped.