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Keokuk Mayor : Current Term Likely Last

Nov 23, 2013

It appears Tom Marion's current term as mayor of Keokuk will be his final one.

Keokuk Mayor Tom Marion

His future came up during a discussion, Thursday night, about the city council possibly hiring a new city administrator.

The city's first and only administrator, Odis Jones, was hired in Nov. 2007.  He left for a job in New Jersey three months later.

Marion's victory in the Nov. 5, 2013 election means he will be in office through 2015.

It is possible that Finance Director John Russell and City Clerk Barb Barnes will be leaving at about that same time, via retirement.

Marion says since he does not plan to seek a fourth term in office, the city council should take a closer look at hiring a city administrator to assume most, if not all, of their duties.

He says if the Keokuk City Council approves, that invidual should be in place by early 2015 so they can learn on the job.

"I think we really, seriously need to be in discussions and actually have a plan in place so we can do that," says Marion.

The city council's stance on the hiring of a city administrator is unclear as talks in recent years have gone nowhere.

Finance Committee Chairman Roger Bryant says any future discussions must also look at reducing the size of the city council and moving the position of mayor to part-time.