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Keokuk Mandating After-School Tutoring

Jul 30, 2013

The Keokuk School District will put an added emphasis on helping students struggling with their classes this year.

Classes will dismiss at 1:45 P.M. on Wednesdays, instead of 3:00 P.M., so teachers can participating in weekly professional training and team building.

The school board has voted to implement an after-school tutoring program for middle and high school students during the 75 minutes they would normally be in class.

Superintendent Tim Hood says the program will be mandatory for those who are failing, or nearly failing, their classes.

He says the tutoring will be done by volunteers or fellow students as the teachers will be training.

The first session is scheduled for Wed., Sept. 11 so several weeks of grades can be compiled and reviewed.

The program was in place at Keokuk Middle School, last year, but it was optional.


Keokuk High School students will not be charged to use the new KUNO tablets this year after initially considering a $40 fee.

The school board felt the fee would negatively affect many students and families.

Members did want some "buy-in" from students, so they voted to increase the fees associated with repairs or replacements.

Hood says students will be charged $100 the first time a tablet is damaged and $550 (replacement fee) each subsequent time.

He says the replacement fee would also apply for lost or stolen devices.

Hood says the charges are intended for intentional damage as opposed to software issues.

The high school students should receive their devices in early September.

Middle and elementary school students in Keokuk will have access to the KUNO tablets in coming years.


Meanwhile, the school board has approved a measure where students can only participate in the graduation ceremony if they have secured enough credits.

A previous policy allowed high school students to walk if they were within two credits.

Hood says this does not restrict these students from completing their work and getting a diploma.