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Keokuk Maintains Sewer Contract

Jun 23, 2013

A construction company in Keokuk will have a couple more weeks to fulfill a contract with the city.

The city council agreed to give John W. Sammons Construction until Thursday, June 20 to finish building about 30 manholes throughout the city.

The deadline came and went and there was still a bit more concrete work to do at one location.

The city council had the opportunity to terminate the contract during its most recent meeting after choosing not to do so earlier in the month.

Instead, it left the resolution to end the contract on the "table," essentially giving the company two more weeks to complete the work.

City staff wanted out of the contract because the work was supposed to be done last fall.

Public Works Director Mark Bousselot says the company has already accumulated more than $35,000 in late fees.  He says the charge is $200/day.

That total will be deducted from the original contract of nearly $600,000.

A representative of the company told the city council that the only work that remained was a manhole it was not aware of at the time.