Keokuk Learns Cost of Clean-Up

Keokuk, IA – The former Green Tambourine building at 528 Main Street collapsed on July 31. The pile of rubble has sat there ever since, surrounded by an orange snow fence.

Keokuk received four bids to clean up what is left of the former three-story building. Community Development Director Pam Broomhall says the low bid came in at just over $50,000. The city initially estimated the cost at several hundred thousand dollars.

Mayor Dave Gudgel says a formal demolition contract will be approved in two weeks. He hopes to see equipment in place soon after the Dec. 17th meeting of the Keokuk City Council.

Pam Broomhall says the associated tipping fees will be between $15,000-$20,000. She says that is a discounted rate through the Great River Regional Waste Authority.

Broomhall says the bids were to take into account the possibility of asbestos. She says tests will be done on the debris as the clean-up gets underway.

Keokuk is still trying to get the property owner to pay for the clean-up. City Attorney Tom Marion has filed what is essentially a lien against the building.

Broomhall says the contractor will have 45 days to clean-up the site. She says the city is encouraging material salvage.

Broomhall says crews will pause, during the clean-up, to see if the historical basement of the property can be salvaged.

Mayor Dave Gudgel says he will push, before he leaves office, for the adoption of a measure that requires the purchase of insurance for downtown buildings.