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Keokuk Holding Off On Street Projects

Keokuk, IA – Keokuk has accepted bids for the next two phases of its multi-year, multi-million dollar street reconstruction program. The city council held public hearings on the projects during its recent meeting.

The construction work will go no farther, though, because the panel assigned the projects to the finance committee.

Chairwoman Susan Dunek says her committee must decide whether Keokuk can go forward with the current project list. The total price tag for the work is about $1.8-million.

"We straddle fiscal years during this construction season," says Dunek, "so it's a question of when to borrow the money, how much to borrow, which fiscal year it's in, and which projects get done."

Dunek says Keokuk wants to stay within the guidelines of its street reconstruction program. The program called for the city to borrow $12-million over 12 years.

Keokuk accelerated the program, early on, because of better-than-anticipated bids.

The 2010 projects include
Blondeau Street (1st to 5th)
3rd Street (Main to Concert)
4th Street (Main to Concert)
High Street (10th to 13th)
8th Street (Blondeau to Concert)